"A soulful blend of classical and folk traditions" - New York Times


Karavika is a New York City based ensemble led by violinist Trina Basu and cellist Amali Premawardhana. As two artists with roots in India, Sri Lanka and North America, Trina and Amali aspire to discover and bring to light the music of their own cultural backgrounds as well as music from other parts of the world that has deeply inspired them. Drawing upon influences of nature, beauty, simple folk melodies and complex classical compositions, Karavika seeks to blend creative improvisations and arrangements with authentic traditions. They are joined by Perry Wortman on bass and collaborate with multiple Indian classical percussionists and other instrumentalists.

Karavika’s debut Sunrise has been receiving enormous praise since its March 2012 release. All About Jazz describes the music as “a dynamic sonic blend of uncommon mesmeric beauty”, and Lucid Culture “a diversely melodic, often hypnotic original sound that occasionally reaches toward Appalachian rusticity or a brisk Celtic mood...” The album features original music inspired by the rhythmic complexities of Indian Classical music as well as collaborative arrangements inspired by old film and folk music from different regions in India and Sri Lanka. Much of the music illustrates various aspects of life, ranging from the innocence and playfulness of youth to the intense sacredness of love and devotion. Their second self-released album, Of Earth and Sky is a collection of songs all dancing around various manifestations of love, largely inspired by family and motherhood.

Karavika is available for public and private concerts, and workshops for students and professionals of all ages who love music, play an instrument or are curious about creative approaches to string playing and chamber music.