Violinist, Trina Basu is an improvisor and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Miami, Fl, Trina grew up in learning Western Classical music, playing in orchestras and attending arts magnet schools. She later studied jazz, traveled to India to learn Carnatic classical music and has sat in on numerous folk jam sessions. Being of mixed heritage, Trina's musical interests reaching beyond her Western classical roots, was inevitable. Her unconventional path as a violinist is largely influenced by her South Asian and North American roots, identity as a mixed-race woman and her experiences working with creative musicians practicing across multiple genres and disciplines. Trina co-leads raga chamber folk ensemble Karavika, who have two self-released albums, titled Sunrise and Of Earth and Sky. They have been praised by All About Jazz as "a liquid and organic brew that sounds inevitable, as if it's existed forever." She also co-leads Nakshatra, a violin duo project with Arun Ramamurthy exploring original and improvised music. Trina is a co-founder of the musicians collective and non-profit, Brooklyn Raga Massive and founder/curator of Out of the Woods, a NYC festival focusing on women led projects working in South Asian traditional and creative music. Trina's expressive sound has brought her to prestigious stages around the world including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Newport Jazz Festival, Sinaloa Music Festival and Raga Sudha Hall, performing with artists such as Urban Bush Women, Mos Def, Adam Rudolph, Marc Cary, Imani Uzuri and Dr. Mysore Manjunath. Her passion for youth arts education and community has brought her to schools, universities, hospitals and nursing homes around the country. She received her Suzuki teacher training from the School for Strings in NYC, holds a Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy from Florida State University, and is a 2007 recipient of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Artist Fellowship. Trina is a mother of two boys and loves the bustle of urban life. She finds some of her greatest inspiration in the infinite and tiny beauties of nature and this place we call home.